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Adventure #1     Sudbury / Concord Rivers


   From Brighton to Boston Harbor + back. This Adventure's about people, and their aquatic style. The nautical flavor abounds here. Sculling crews skip across the surface like Water Bugs, and Collegiate boat houses dot the distant shores. Paddle under the many iconic bridges of Historic Cambridge and Boston Harbor.

   Docking is available at the Esplinot where you can find a number of eateries, and a "24 tap" beer garden. Step up the adventure by passing under the Zakim bridge, thru the locks, and into the "Inner Harbor". The boats get bigger, and the sky scrapers rise up to touch the horizon, exhibiting some of the cities finest architecture. Calmer waters await, with lunch and Libation stops offering everything from Fresh Seafood to Tequila bars. Paddle back thru the locks, under the Longfellow bridge, by the famous "Citco" sign, and into the home stretch. Another beer garden with gourmet food venders and an occasional live band await.

     **Hopper Disclaimer**

   "This isn't a lap around the pond folks"...…..This is a Aquahoppers Adventure, and is approx. 13.5 miles round trip.

Detailed laminated maps help assure safe navigation


Adventure #2       Charles to Boston

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